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SLO Gathering

92.5 The Krush, Good Medicine Presents, and numbskull productions present The SLO Gathering with Proxima Prada!

Win tickets with Suzanne at 8:20am all week!

Catch Proxima Parada with Suzanne on The Krush Lounge Thursdays at 5pm or Tuesday at 9am!

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Join us for “SLO Gathering” featuring the release of Proxima Parada’s New Album. SLO Gathering features the talented artists of San Luis Obispo County. In addition to performances from The Monroe, Melondance & Arthur Watership, the concert will include special guests: Hilary Langdon (of The Tipsy Gypsies), Damon Castillo, Dan Curcio (of Moonshiner Collective), Jordan Adams (of Brass Mash), Hakeem Sanusi (of That’s The Key), Tyler Garnett, Sam Franklin (of Captain Nasty/Wordsauce) and more!