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zzysh® is a revolutionary wine and sparkling wine preserving system that keeps a bottle’s natural taste and fizz after it is opened. There are two different zzysh® products: One for wine called zzysh® Wine and one for sparkling wine called zzysh® Champagne.

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How it works The unique technology replaces the air in the wine bottle or pressurizes it, if it’s sparkling wine. This with a highly pure protective atmosphere consisting of argon for wine or a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide for sparkling wine. In combination with the stopper, this works to protect the wine and sparkling wine from oxidation, ensuring flavor, taste, fizz and color are all retained.


• Preservation of the natural taste, flavor, fizz and quality after the bottle has been opened

• Extended life-span of a wine or champagne after it has been opened

• Enjoy wine and champagne by the glass without worrying about the rest in the bottle

• Enjoy the natural taste for weeks like the bottle was never opened. No loss of flavor, color, bubbles and quality. Even weeks after.

• Affordable product in comparison to its competitors. Easy-to-use, compact and portable.

• Essential wine accessory and gift for wine lovers who don’t want to decide whether to waste a good bottle or drink the whole one

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