Krush 92.5 $1000 Wine Game

Chance to win $1000 every weekday

Listen for a TWO Wine Words every hour, :10 and :50 with Suzanne, Adam, and Cheeba, 7am to 5pm with a break at Noon during Liquid Lunch!
The first keyword goes out at 7:05 am with the last keyword at 4:50 pm!

Play every day…18 times a day…the more Wine Words you enter, the more chances you have to win!


Good Luck!

Winners so far:

Sherrie Smith

Katie Wigen

Brittany McFarland

Christie Obershaw

Jaylah Thaxton

Alexis Downey

Curtis Neumeier

 Ryan Nickel

Chris Grant-Greiman

Karen Reynolds

 Alida Timmons

Tim Lowther

Elvia Pena-Diaz

Angelia Winslow

Mike Taulbee

Diane Mitchell

Sabrina Friend

Bruce Edwards-Freier

Connie Rayburn