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Liquid Lunch October 5 - Hanging out with Jenna and Adriana from The Station, and Coby from Claiborne & Churchill

October 5th, 2017

Today the Cork Dorks hosted Jenna and Adriana from The Station, as well as Coby from Claiborne & Churchill to taste wine and discuss the recent harvest. Jenna and Adriana also went into detail about what is new at The Station, including the Art Bar featured at on the weekends. Stream the entire show with the player below.

Coby brought in their 2015 Pinot Noir: Twin Creeks, an Estate Dry Riesling, and their Spanish Springs Vineyard Grenache. He explained how much of a roller-coaster ride this year has been in terms of the weather and it's effect on the harvest.

Conditions at the beginning of September when there was such a spike in temperature were not ideal for the vines, and the tropical storms that hit the Central Coast shortly after did not help either. Despite the extreme weather, this years harvest is looking to produce some more memorable wines. Check out Claiborne & Churchill's whole line-up of wines at their website

Jenna Congdon brought in Zalto Wine Glasses for Adam and Jeremy to taste some of the wines available at The Station. Jenna also brought along Adriana Lemus, who teaches workshops at the Art bar that's featured at The Station on Saturdays - Mondays, and her art is available to purchase on site as well. Workshops happening every week can be found at The Station's website,

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