Garagiste Show

Garagiste Show


Join host Stew McLennan as he explores the world of the artisan winemaker….. An eclectic mix of wine-centric interviews, facts and fun.

Come visit the wine underground…just remember it’s no snobs allowed at The Garagiste Show

Having appeared for over twenty years as an actor in both Film and Television, Stew‘s role on The Garagiste Show is to couple his show business background with a passion for wine and winemaking that has spanned most of his adult life. Stewart has also spent literal time in the wine industry trenches having worked in both national sales and marketing for several years for larger wineries. Stew was most recently, along with his partner Doug Minnick, integral in originating, developing and successfully producing of The Garagiste Festival. A now annual wine event most recently named a top ten epicurean destination by ABC National News and one, which has spawned a burgeoning Garagiste winemaking movement throughout California and beyond. Stew’s accessible and open approach has become key in garnering the show a large loyal and growing audience bringing on some of the region’s finest winemakers and food purveyors as guests on the show.

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  • Garagiste Show 2/10/20 Agence RLA
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Caroline Mercado and Robert Lundahl of Agence RLA. Join us for a wide ranging discussion of filmmaking along with examining their latest project The Craft Film Series. Robert’s vast knowledge of filmmaking is on tap throughout as Caroline and he discuss the origins and future of their company /series.
  • Garagiste Show 1/27/2 Melanie Webber
    It’s education time again on this week’s Garagiste Show. Returning guest and WSET level four diplomat MELANIE WEBBER continues her discussion on wine education. Melanie will soon become the first teacher to offer the WSET level three course locally. WSET certification is both beneficial as a career credential for those wishing to enhance their employment […]
  • The Garagiste Show 1/20/20 Nancy Gonzales
    The Garagiste Show this week welcomes first time winemaker Nancy Gonzales to the show. Nancy’s story is one of survival and determination. Learn how winemaking entered her existence and how it became the singular focus of her life’s journey. A great lesson for anyone wanting to begin a career in the wine business and a […]
  • Garagiste Show 1/13/20 Janelle Dusi
    This weeks Garagiste Show guest is Janelle Dusi. Having grown up as a vineyard sprite in her parents property, Janelle’s early love of old vine head trained Zinfandel began as a child. The Dusi Zin has become emblematic of the very best of the regions fruit with some of the vineyard’s vines dating back nearly […]
  • Garagiste Show 1/6/20 DiBuduo and DeFendis
    The week’s Garagiste Show is a reboot of an insurance show done with Matt DeFendis and Kevin Lynn of DiBuduo and DeFendis . What is Winery coverage about? How should your employees be trained? What are the liabilities Tasting Rooms should be covered for? Its a refresher for those in the industry and for that […]
  • Garagiste Show 12/30/19 Cayden Wemple
    It’s New Years! On this week’s GARAGISTE SHOW, Stew’s guest is CAYDEN WEMPLE. Cayden’s back from music college on break and is currently working for his parents business The Colony Deli in Atascadero. Cayden is pursuing a career in music and brings a wonderful presence to the show. Learn among other things how he found […]
  • Garagiste Show 1/16/19 Christmas Time
    It’s Christmas time and so Santa and his lead elf, Elfis, are on tap on this week’s Garagiste Show. It’s all about exploring the Christmas spirit and discussing what makes this time of year special. Of course, how we celebrate the season varies by religion and background but it’s our humanity and how we share […]
  • Garagiste Show 12/9/19 John Mauer
    This weeks Garagiste Show features a very musical business conversation with former bass player from the band Social Distortion, John Mauer. John shares his first hand and inside perspective on the music business’s evolution into the digital age. John’s honesty and sense of humor shines throughout the hour.
  • Garagiste Show 12/2/19 Stephan Gunsaulas
    This week’s Garagiste Show guest is Stephan Gunsaulas. Stephan relates, among many other things, how he became a Reuters and Associated Press photographer based on the Cambodia Thailand border. A wide ranging and extremely interesting show that gives listeners a window into a world few of us ever get to literally see.
  • Garagiste Show 11/25/19 Bill Gibbs
    This weeks guest on the Garagiste Show is Bill Gibbs, owner of two premium vineyards Heartstone and G2. Learn how this former software company owner became so enamored of the regions best wines that he sought a means to imply himself in their production . A great and honest conversation with this cutting edge wine […]