Garagiste Show

Garagiste Show


Join host Stew McLennan as he explores the world of the artisan winemaker….. An eclectic mix of wine-centric interviews, facts and fun.

Come visit the wine underground…just remember it’s no snobs allowed at The Garagiste Show

Having appeared for over twenty years as an actor in both Film and Television, Stew‘s role on The Garagiste Show is to couple his show business background with a passion for wine and winemaking that has spanned most of his adult life. Stewart has also spent literal time in the wine industry trenches having worked in both national sales and marketing for several years for larger wineries. Stew was most recently, along with his partner Doug Minnick, integral in originating, developing and successfully producing of The Garagiste Festival. A now annual wine event most recently named a top ten epicurean destination by ABC National News and one, which has spawned a burgeoning Garagiste winemaking movement throughout California and beyond. Stew’s accessible and open approach has become key in garnering the show a large loyal and growing audience bringing on some of the region’s finest winemakers and food purveyors as guests on the show.

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  • The Garagiste Show – 12/03/18 – Chef Nathan Clapp in studio
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Chef Nathan Clapp of Templeton’s 15C. Learn how a farm lad from the Mid West became an Italian inspired Chef now helming 15c’s Menu . Nathan’s sincere desire to always be learning and improving his cuisine are on display throughout this show.
  • The Garagiste Show – 11/20/18 – Boutique Wine Label Copi
    This weeks Garagiste Show features the new owners of the boutique wine label Copia, Anita Kothari and Varinda Sahi. Learn about what brought them to San Luis Obispo County and why they’ve both chosen to become a part of the winemaking community here.
  • The Garagiste Show – 11/12/18 – Raymond Smith discusses winemaking and The Alley
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Raymond Smith off Indigen’e Cellars. Raymond is long time member of The Paso winemaking community having previously owned a mobile bottling line and worked in all facets of wine making. Raymond and Stew discuss all manner of facets of the business. Raymond explains how his passion for winemaking grew into […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 11/05/18 – The Wellness Kitchen in studio
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Chef Evan Vossler and Executive Director of the local non profit The Wellness Kitchen. A discussion of all things wellness food along with a hand to help promote the charities’ upcoming fundraiser A Top Chef Tribute on Nov 29th. This years fundraiser becomes all the more important as a result […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 10/29/18 – John Munch in studio
    It’s John Munch week on this weeks Garagiste Show. A show that aired originally as a two part episode  will be replayed   In it’s entirety this week, with part one airing on Monday and part two this following Sunday. One of the Original Godfathers of Paso Wine, John shares his eclectic and  roguish style  with […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 10/22/18 – Wine Boss Owner and Winemaker Tommy Booth
    This weeks Garagiste Show features owner and winemaker of downtown Paso Robles hot spot Wine Boss, Tommy Booth. Tommy and Stew discuss all manner of topics from guerrilla marketing to Burlesque. A fun and wide ranging discussion with this youthful entrepreneur .
  • The Garagiste Show – 10/16/18 – Discussion of Merlot
    This weeks Garagiste Show features a discussion of Merlot with Adam Lazarre of Lazarre Wines along with wine writer Mira Honeycutt. Merlot has unfortunately suffered in the marketplace. However this show is about promoting and re establishing the variety as one of the Bordeaux’s greats. One that is now making a resurgence because great examples […]
  • The Garagiste Show 10/08/18 – Insuring Small Production Wineries
    This week’s Garagiste Show feautres Wendy Booth of Hanover Insurance and Kevin Lynn of Brokers Debudo and Defendis in a discussion of their new insurance product specifically tailored to small production or Garagiste Wineries. Why be insured? What for? All of the questions and topics are covered as it related to risk protection for this […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 10/01/18 – Stew talks to Dina Mandi of Juice Media
    On this week’s Garagiste show is Dina Mandi, the creative force behind roduction comany, Juice Media. Dina’s vast experience in film production has all been brought to bear in her recent and first feature length documentary, Tin City. Stew and Dina discuss many film related toics and of course Dina’s journey from an intern at […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 09/24/18 – Pink Moto Charity Ride
    This week’s Garagiste Show features Shannon Di Aquisto and Rich Saciorelli. Shannon is the Executive Director of local non profit cancer support group. Rich is head planner of their yearly fundraiser, The Pink Moto Ride. Pink Moto is in its fifth year and is centered around motorcyclists joining for charity ride since its inception. Once […]