Liquid Lunch 1/9/20 Apple Farm and Sidecar SLO

Liquid Lunch 1/9/20 Apple Farm and Sidecar SLO

Liquid Lunch with Apple Farm and Sidecar SLO

Today, The Cork Dorks welcomed two SLO institutions, our friend Chef Steve Smeets from the legendary Apple Farm. We also had in old friend Josh Christensen from Sidecar SLO.

We talked to Apple Farm about their participation in SLO County’s ‘Restaurant Month’, where you can get a three course meal there all month for just $30. Check out the Apple Farm if it’s been too long. Find out other restaurants participating in Restaurant Month by visiting

Josh from Sidecar showed us the brighter sides of Mocktails, which Adam and Jeremy have touched on before. More and more bars are creating thoughtful ways of o accommodate those who don’t drink alcohol. Whether you’re on a ‘dry January’, have gone sober, or maybe you’re that evening’s DD, whatever the reason, Sidecar is making it easy for these people to order, and actually enjoy, and thoughtfully assembled non alcoholic drink.

The guys also got some good news when they asked Josh about the big move to their newer location up Broad St. Fans of Sidecar will be happy to know. It’s coming soon!