Krush Lounge Fialta 4/27/20

Krush Lounge Fialta 4/27/20

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard new music from Fialta and things have changed so much in our world but what hasn’t changed are the genuinely sweet souls in this band and the beautiful music that they make together.

Fialta joins me in the first Krush Lounge via Zoom to celebrate a new single, “Made It This Far.”

“We wrote “Made It This Far” a year ago, when a personal friend and her family were grieving an unimaginable tragedy. The song is about the way that pain silences us — how words often fall short in the face of suffering. It’s about feeling helpless and dumb when others are hurting. When we don’t know what to say, how can we show our compassion? Should we still try, even when that attempt feels feeble and awkward and thin and incomplete?

“This track was recorded back in July, when we had no idea what was coming or how scary things would get in the world; little did we know how relevant the song would become. Now, this is our feeble and timid attempt to express our love to you during this time. We can’t promise that everything’s going to be okay, but we continue to look around us and are astounded by all the beauty and courage in this world. We have so much to grieve, and we have so much to hope for.”

“A week before our social distancing orders arrived, we, in our blissful ignorance, had a party and took some film photos with friends. It was the last time we got to lounge on the floor and pile on the couch with all our people for a while. The single art for this release is a photo taken that night. We’ll be sharing more photos from that evening as we continue to release singles in the lead up to our album, due out sometime this year. For now, we’re rolling with the punches, wishing everyone peace, and looking forward to the time when we can be together and play live again.”

We also take time to remember and work through the loss of their dear friend and former bass player, James Trujillo, with memories of his kind soul and special way of thinking about and making music. From what I’ve learned about him in our conversations this week, it really seems like Jim wouldn’t have it any other way. In his honor, we feature music from Fialta and another project called Make that, according to his friends, has Jim written all over it.

The band also shares a sneak peak of more from their forth coming full length album with a second new song, ‘Modern Hero’. A disco inspired track that leans to a different end of the musical spectrum from what we hear on “Made It This Far” and is just as naturally Fialta. Originally planned to be the lead single, there was a fun video shoot for this track that was canceled back in March due to California’s shelter-in-place order. Fialta had to rethink their plan. We dig into that here too.

This session is special to me. It came at just the right time. I had finally hit my own wall with all of this time living in limbo last week. Trust that I know, I’m not the first, only or last to hit this wall. Talking over grief, loss, the state of the world and living in these truths for an hour with these four amazing people was very important and comforting for me and I hope you feel the same sense of comfort as you listen today.

Hoping you are well,

Suzanne <3

Our guests: Fialta (Beth Leibovich, David Provenzano, Michael Leibovich, and Sarah Shotwell)

The Krush Lounge is presented by Castoro Cellars.