Krush Lounge Natalie Haskins 05/11/20

Krush Lounge Natalie Haskins 05/11/20

Local singer-songwriter Natalie Haskins hops on Zoom with me for this week’s Krush Lounge. We’re celebrating her long awaited debut album “Puhidua.”

This album has been a long time coming with 4+ years of prep, recording and production work and a list of players including family, friends and local pros that really bring these songs to life in ways even Natalie herself couldn’t have imagined. With an impressive 16 song track list, it’s loaded full of thoughtful songwriting and lovely arrangements.

Natalie is thoughtful in her songwriting which comes from her natural sense of thoughtfulness and it always makes for great conversation. In this session, we reconnect in the virtual world but it feels so personal, like we’re in the ‘room’ together, touching on Natalie’s wild sense of adventure, her Native American heritage, how family and friends have helped her journey along, cocktails, quarantine and so much more. “Puhidua” means “Wild Flower” in the language of her mother’s tribe and is a perfectly fitting title that matches right up with Natalie’s own spirit.

I’ve followed Natalie on this project from the start through the recording and production to this triumphant finish with numerous chats along the way. My only regret is missing a chance to record some hand claps with her, I blew it.

I am so proud of and happy for our ‘Lovely Lady Songbird.’ I just love her to pieces and I know you will too.

Find “Puhidua” out now on all streaming platforms and connect with Natalie online to pre-order the physical CD release.