Krush Lounge Hayley & The Crushers 6/1/20

Krush Lounge Hayley & The Crushers 6/1/20

Check out my most recent hang with Hayley and Reid Cain of Hayley & The Crushers!

In late May, we came together via the amazing technology of the interwebs to catch up and celebrate their new EP “Jacaranda”. It’s a fresh two song EP chalk full of good vibes and rockin’ radness that comes in three different colors if you want a vinyl copy!

We had a great time (as always) talking about life, the beautiful blooming flowers of Spring, a renewed sense of home and some vibrant and eccentric characters. All things on an ever growing list of inspirations in their music. We addressed life in quarantine, their love of The Ramones (note Hayley’s shirt above), a home made music video project, a long lost mic from deep in the depths of a closet that came in handy while recording at home and got a hot new cast iron cooking nugget from Hayley. We also got caught up on blogging and podcasting and whatever else happened along in this chat. It’s a ton of meandering fun! These two are genuine cool and their music is full on escapism and real life thoughtfulness at the same time.

I hope in this time of heaviness for us all, you’ll enjoy the light, bright, happy that these surfy punk rockers bring to the world.

And, YES, that’s a sweet Hayley & The Crushers Sharky tee that I’m wearing in those pics! It’s one of my faves! <3

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