Krush Lounge Black Match 6/15/20

Krush Lounge Black Match 6/15/20

I’m so grateful! I got some quality time with SLO locals, Black Match! In conversation with Hannah Kenny & Ian Kizanis, we share a preview of some brand new tunes and a two that we’ve loved here at the Krush over the past couple of years. This album has been roughly two years in the making but Hannah & Ian have been writing and plotting this out for a good half of their lives if you really get into the story of it…and I am fully invested in this story.

Get ready for all of the feels and a bit of a therapy session here. We get into some real conversation about music and how it helps process the world around us. This concept hits home with Hannah in her lyrical journeys for sure. There’s a certain nuance that Black Match has, the importance of atmosphere and giving their songs space to breath, that pays off big time for these two songwriters. We explore these ideas, navigate a bit of the current state of humanity and talk about power of vulnerability. The music these two beautiful humans make is gripping and loving and happy and heart wrenching all in one. Somewhere in there, we get a preview of a brand new song that is my personal soul speak right now…I may or may not get really open and cry at them about it a little. As mentioned, therapy…vulnerability.

I’ll say this, it’s not all heavy and we have some fun in this show for sure but this is a very heartfelt conversation that seems so relevant and needed right now. The same applies to the music!

Their latest single ‘June’ comes out this Friday, June 19 with their full debut album ‘Nowhere’ to follow on July 10! Album pre-orders start this Friday as well.

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By the way, as far as the tree climbing piece in this show…I did it over this past weekend. 10/10 recommend but climb at your own risk, be careful and don’t hit your shoulder too hard on a tree branch…minor cuts and bruises are real. -Suzanne <3