Cheers to B & The Hive on another rad new single and a super fun fan-centric video!

This is Part 2 of 3 and we had such a great crew on this show. Celebrating the latest single, “Give Love” with Brianna Lee and Josh Barrett of B & The Hive would have been totally cool as is but I had a little surprise in store for them this time around…or, 3 surprises to be exact.

First, this song is full of truth and love and sounds that make you move. The lyrics explore this basic concept, “Only way to get your love is to give love.” TRUTH! It’s funk and disco and poppy alty rock all rolled into one. THE JAM! The band puts it out there with ease and simplicity with their line up of guitar, drums, bass and keys and those lovely lead vocals. They’re giving some serious love for sure…and they’re getting it right back!

Next, the music video! It’s exactly what the song needed…fans and friends of the band submitted video reels of dance moves and lip sync fun in a call out from the band. Josh put this together in what can only be described as a PARTY and one that is definitely perpetuating the cycle of giving and getting love that Brianna’s lyrics are leading us through. What a cool idea! I was immediately on board. Keep an eye out for yours truly in some of these fun clips.

Now, for the surprises! I knew through my super sleuth side-hustle that some of our other favorite local musicians were involved here. They’d submitted video reels too! So, no brainier, I asked them to join us on the show to give the video a first watch together. The only catch…DON’T TELL ‘THE HIVE!’ They were in! Thank you again to Reese Galido (Reese Galido, The Tipsy Gypsies, The Kicks, Pink & Purkle), Ynana Rose (Ynana Rose, Lewis & Rose), and Kirk Nordby (Bear Market Riot) for being in on this little piece of trickery with me.

Check out the show audio above or video below…I guarantee the video is the place to be but, hey, you do you.

Stay tuned for our final episode in this series with B & The Hive coming 9/25 at 10am as they release the full Heart Beat EP!

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The Band Is:

Brianna Lee – Vocals/Guitar/Goddess Power

Josh Barrett – Producer/Bass/Backing Vocals/The Force

Eric Novak – Lead Guitar/Mysterious Mojo

Hannah Joy Brooke – Keys/Backing Vocals/Ethereal Energies

Hayden Gardner – Drums/Grounding Goodness