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Cork Dorks


The Krush 92.5 is your home for The Cork Dorks…a weekly adventure with Adam Montiel and Jeremy West out and about in Central Coast wine country and beyond! Go behind the scenes…into the cellar, onto the crush pad, out in the vineyard and sometimes even out to an amazing event! Wine? For sure! But…if it has a cork, or…pretty much, if you can drink it…they’re into it! You never know what kind of bottles they’ll pop!





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  • Liquid Lunch 10/17 – Timbre Scarecrow Fangs
    On today’s liquid lunch we get a harvest round-up from Josh Klapper from Timbre winery in the village of Arroyo Grande, we meet his new tasting room manager Denise and Monalisa from Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. 
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/16 WineSneak
    Today we had in Clarissa Nagy of Riverbench, and of course her own brand, C. Nagy Wines.She has been a friend to the show, and to the Cork Dorks for many years, and we learned she is battling breast cancer. She shares with Adam & Jeremy the ins and outs of the past few months, […]
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/15 Paderewski Festival
    Today on the LL, the guys takes to the folks behind the Paderewski Festival. Ignaci Paderewski was so many things, a concert pianist, winemaker, philanthropist, and more. He signed the Treaty of Versailles , then would make wine and rest his tired hands in the hot springs of Paso Robles. We had Kristen in from […]
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/10 Harvest Wine Weekend
    Today on LL, the Cork Dorks celebrated Paso’s 2019 harvest, by bringing in three different producers who will all be doing something special Oct 18-20, known as Harvest Wine Weekend. We had Central Coast Wine Competition’s Grower of the Year, Paul Hoover from Still Waters Vineyards in studio. He’s always such a good guest. From […]
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/9 Fall inspiration
    oday The Cork Dorks had in studio Kimberly Walker and Dominique Gonzales of Granada Hotel & Bistro to talk the latest, as well as fall inspired cocktails. They debuted 8 new cocktails with Fall inspiration, as well as chatted on the latest with, ‘Nightcap’ , the elevated cocktail bar next to, but separate from Granada. We also […]
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/9 Monday Club
    Vicki Carroll from the Monday Club is here with her own glasses! She has brought Jennifer Alderman of the Monday Club, Paula Dooley of Stephen Ross Winery, and Nancy Greenough Saucelito Canyon! The improvement and grand reopening of The Monday Club lines you with the 100 year celebration of the 19th Amendment all women to vote.
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/3 Harvest in the Central Coast
    Today during Liquid Lunch we had Joe Barton of Grey Wolf and Barton Family Wines, and Coby Parker-Garcia of El Lugar Wines to talk about Harvest 2019 on the Central coast! ALSO, special guest Sean Sherman of Golden Apple Cannabis is in the HOUSE! Barton Family Wines Joe Barton is the owner and Head Winemaker […]
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/2 Cioppino & Vino
    Today on Liquid Lunch we have Jennifer Smith from Paso Robles Children’s Museum, Heather Quinn from Robert Hall Winery, and The Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse’s Head Chef Paul Arangorin! They brought some delicious bites from Paso Inn and some thirst-quenching wine from Robert Hall! Cioppino & Vino, is back for the 10th year in the Grand Ballroom at […]
  • Liquid Lunch – 10/1 AG Beer Feast
    Today on the LL, we covered the Arroyo Grande Beer Feast.  Now my auto-complete wanted me to write FEST, which this event will certainly be, but with well over a dozen Arroyo Grande eateries providing their best, FEAST, seems pretty appropriate. We had in studio Dylan Grant and Kelsey McCLure from SLO Brew, met Lee […]
  • Liquid Lunch – 9/26/19 Sip N’ Saunter & Junity in the HOUSE!
    Joining Liquid Lunch ONCE AGAIN it’s Carissa Ashman with Junity and Niesha Johnston with Downtown SLO’s Sip N’ Saunter!  Junity is a chef-driven premium sparkling probiotic beverage crafted with biodynamic green tea, organic raw honey, and our proprietary culture! Click here to learn more about it! Downtown SLO’s 3rd annual Sip ‘n Saunter takes place at […]

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