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Suzanne Schonig

6-10am Monday - Friday


Suzanne is a local girl. Hometown, Atascadero. Currently living in SLO.

She’s a self admitted concert addict. If you don’t see her at the show you’re at, it’s only because she’s at another one and there’s really only one of her. She’s always saying how she needs a clone so she can see them all.

When not at the station or watching bands, she’s know to binge watch a good TV series…and maybe some bad ones. She’s into books and movies…mostly of the fantasy, sci-fi or super hero ilk. Nerd? Yes, and this term does not offend her.

As far as wine goes, give her a crisp white, a dry rose, Pinot or Zin. Pair it with some music and she’s set…and, maybe some cheese…and chocolate…and food. She’s still stepping out into the beer world, loves cider, and spirits…that’s her ultimate jam.

Last, while she’ll tend to introduce herself as Suzanne, just call her Suz. (sooz)

Scroll down this page to hear the latest fun from Mornings with Suzanne!

Plus, CLICK HERE to catch up on her Krush Lounge sessions hosting local and traveling artists for new music sharing and in studio jams. The Krush Lounge is presented by Firestone 805 Beer.


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