Garagiste Show

Garagiste Show


Join host Stew McLennan as he explores the world of the artisan winemaker….. An eclectic mix of wine-centric interviews, facts and fun.

Come visit the wine underground…just remember it’s no snobs allowed at The Garagiste Show

Having appeared for over twenty years as an actor in both Film and Television, Stew‘s role on The Garagiste Show is to couple his show business background with a passion for wine and winemaking that has spanned most of his adult life. Stewart has also spent literal time in the wine industry trenches having worked in both national sales and marketing for several years for larger wineries. Stew was most recently, along with his partner Doug Minnick, integral in originating, developing and successfully producing of The Garagiste Festival. A now annual wine event most recently named a top ten epicurean destination by ABC National News and one, which has spawned a burgeoning Garagiste winemaking movement throughout California and beyond. Stew’s accessible and open approach has become key in garnering the show a large loyal and growing audience bringing on some of the region’s finest winemakers and food purveyors as guests on the show.

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  • The Garagiste Show – 07/08/19 – Dennis Sharpe of Deno
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Dennis Sharpe, Owner of the label Deno. Dennis is a long time resident of the country, he planted his Garagiste Vineyard in the early nineties. Dennis is now “retiring” into his winery after 30+ years on the road around the world. Dennis and Stew discuss many topics from how Dennis […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 05/27/19 – Joy Bonner
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Dennis Dehger and Joy Bonner talking about their collaboration on a just released album of Dennis’s songs. Dennis also has his own wine label Domaine Dehger. Learn how a chance meeting in Paso Park led to a wonderful musical collaboration.
  • The Garagiste Show – 06/25/19 – Bocabella Olive Farm
    This weeks Garagiste Show features the women behind Bocabella Olive Farm’s Winemaker blend olive oil. Shaana Rahman and Jonny Jantz, owners of Bocabella Farms, had an idea several seasons ago to use local winemakers palates to contrive a unique olive oil blend. This latest release features the palates of: Amy Butler owner/winemaker of Ranchero Cellars, […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 06/17/19 – Sarah and Brice Garrett of Serano
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Serrano Wine Estate owners, winemakers and general young millennials about town, Sarah and Brice Garrett. Learn how these college sweethearts made the transition from students to winery owners. A great interview with two of the youngest owner/ winemakers in the county. Intimate and enlightening. .
  • The Garagiste Show – 06/10/19 – Drew Nenow of Onyx Wines
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Drew Nenow the new head of production and winemaking at Onyx Winery in Tin City. A great discussion of all things Onyx. Along with the wine story behind a man who had decided on a winemaking career very early in his still young life. Drew who also makes wine for […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 06/03/19 – Scott Hawley, Owner and Winemaker of Torrin in studio
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Scott Hawley, Owner/Winemaker of Torrin Wines and his Aid du Camp David Newell. Scott has been a long time resident of the county and has been the winemaker consultant to several wineries whilst making Torrin. Torrin’s wines are some of the most sought after in the county. With a new […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 05/20/19 – Allyson Magda talks the art of wedding and event photography
    This weeks Garagiste show features renowned wedding and event photographer Allyson Magda. Learn what it’s like to be the person behind the lens as Allison shares with Stew her inside perspective on the art behind wedding and event photography. Wonderful advice, tips and comedic moments throughout this great interview.  
  • The Garagiste Show – 05/13/19 – Pinot and Paella
    This weeks Garagiste Show features the couple behind the wonderful wine festival known as “Pinot and Paella,” Marc Goldberg and Maggie Diambrosia Of Windward Vineyard. They are joined by participants Roger Nicolas and Claire Westaway of RN Estate Vineyard. Also on the panel is Emily Jagger who is the Director of Development For the Paso Robles […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 04/29/19 – Nathan Decamps in studio discusses approach to making wine
    This weeks Garagiste Show features Owner/Winemaker of Innate Wines Nathan Decamps. Learn of Nathan’s unique approach to making his Orange wines and Egg White wines made using contact with the skins that provide complexity and nuance to the finished product. A not to be missed deep discussion on winemaking philosophy and style with a future […]
  • The Garagiste Show – 04/22/19 – Frank Nerelli of Zin Alley talks vineyard management
    This weeks Garagiste Show features an in depth discussion of what truly is a sustainable form of viticulture, dry farming. Frank Nerelli, Owner and Winemaker of Zin Alley discusses his vineyard management practices with Stew. Frank a third generation resident and farmer in the community shares the approach that has made Zin Alley’s vineyard a […]