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Whether she is drinking wine with friends and family, sampling obscure wines with potential buyers, or examining vineyards, Ali Rush Carscaden loves wine and the industry. Ali completed her Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture determined to break into the field of wine. The path to loving and understanding wine first began with a job in the tasting room at Castoro Cellars in Paso Robles.

Upon graduation, she was promoted to assistant marketing manager, exposing her to the sales side of the industry. While learning about the business, Ali gained some insight into the magic of winemaking,  motivating her to get back in school. Within a year, Ali was completing her Master’s degree in Agriculture. Her thesis project for the Paso Robles Wine County Alliance inspired Gary Eberle to hire her for a direct sales management position at Eberle Winery. Yet, when the opportunity came for her to work as a Fine Wine Specialist for the Henry Wine Group, she just couldn’t pass it up. Ali worked for the Henry Wine Group for 6 years and enjoyed added jobs such as teaching a few classes at Cal Poly as well as continuing to be a regular guest speaker. She is now a certified advanced sommelier through the WSET and a certified Somm through the Court of Master Sommeliers. While being the founder,owner/operator of 15c for the past 8 years she is a mother and enjoys leading special trips to France and Spain to enjoy the fruits of her passion’s labor.

Ali Rush Carscaden
owner/certified advanced sommelier

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